21 October 2007

...coming back to life...

OK, so I've been away from the blog for a while. Life, family, work...you all know how it goes. Staying busy does not necessarily mean that the blog gets a respectable chunk of my time, unfortunately.

That's not to say, however, that there haven't been many events and topics on which I would like to have posted over that time. In fact, I've been a bit active on Tom Barnett's blog in the past several weeks, and I've been reading several books and watching the news, so I'm not altogether out of circulation. There are a few things on which in the near future you'll see posts and comments that hark back to mid-September, including some foreign policy and political issues, as well as some recent conferences and two symposia that I'll be attending this week in the DC area. The first is on Monday at the University of Maryland, and the latter on Saturday at the Smithsonian, at which Tom Barnett will be speaking.

I've also been thinking on many things, not the least of which have been my work (in the middle of the publication for one paper, and writing more than one more right now) and my plans for the future. Big dreams, big ideas, lots of little pieces coming together and lots more to be discovered, I am sure. In the meantime, I'll be thinking out loud sometimes, and it will be marked out as such. I think my original vision for this blog as a venue for coherent analysis of sometimes disparate and inscrutable facts, results, events and news was right on the mark, and so now I have built up quite a backlog of posting ideas and commentary. Each idea perks in its own time, though.

P.S. yes, the title of this post is indeed a pop-culture reference...look it up...

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