19 November 2007

A "circle of blue"

Primary Sources:
19 June 2007: New York Times
Climate-Change Scorecard Aims to Influence Consumers

It would seem that I now have some competition in the realm of water-related news analysis: check out circle of blue when you have the chance. Pretty fancy graphics and all that, nice busy layout, certainly a great deal of journalistic resources that I do not hope to provide. Of course, what do you expect from a fully-staffed foundation with contributors like The Pacific Institute, the Ford Foundation, the Coca-Cola Company, and several other foundations, including some with research activities in China?

When I looked it up a while ago, I found that Coca-Cola was one of the few large international companies not oriented primarily on the engineering sector that has a Vice President for Environment and Water Resources. In a recent survey on consumer company efforts toward addressing climate-related issues, Coca-Cola scored higher than Starbucks, PepsiCo, and McDonald's in the food-service category. You might say that this blog is already sponsored by three of those four companies, in a round-about way. Oh, and just as an aside, I am sure many of you know that you can send money to people by e-mail now...

Look for more news from circle of blue on water issues in our changing world, both on their own website and in this blog.

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