24 June 2008

Random Updates and Thoughts

Hello again, y'all. A few random thoughts in the process of catching up after much personal stuff over the past several months.

Just found out that Hydro-Logic is listed in the blogroll at the American Water Resources Association. Quite an honor, and I certainly appreciate the recognition, even though I'm not an AWRA member yet. Soon, though, because...

I've just accepted a position with the Arizona Water Institute (AWI), in association with the NSF Center for Research on Sustainability in semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Sustainability (SAHRA). I'll be the new Program Manager for the nascent Arizona Hydrologic Information System (AHIS). Given the position that Arizona has at the epicenter of so many water-related issues in the southwestern U.S., my new position will be quite a challenge, quite an education for me, and quite a feather in the caps of all involved. The AWI and SAHRA are well-positioned for collaborative work with a number of departments at the University of Arizona, and AWI is actually a consortium for water-oriented research at UA, ASU, and NAU along with partners at several state agencies and in industry. I'm really looking forward to this move and the expansion of my responsibilities and connections in the fields of hydrology and information service.

Though I have not been posting blog entries over the past few months, I have indeed been collecting and organizing potential post-related information and materials over that time. Look for a slow trickle of new posts as I get my things in order. Think of it as a "deterministic nonperiodic flow," something of a controlled chaos of information feed...

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