16 March 2009

Call for Abstracts for AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference in Seattle, Washington, November 2009

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) has released a call for abstracts for the "2009 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference." In keeping with AWRA's scope and interests, the array of topics to be addressed is quite broad:
"...technical, social and legal issues that are of national and international interest, including conflicts over water and efforts to resolve them; recent advances in water resource monitoring, modeling and analysis; effects and responses to drought, floods, and other natural calamities; and collaborative efforts to address transboundary and international water issues."
There is also a special geographic focus, given the conference location, that encourages "sessions that focus on water resources issues in the Pacific Northwest, particularly those having broader national or international implications." The conference is to be held over 9-12 November 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Abstract submissions are due 22 May 2009. You can click over to the conference site for more information.

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