27 July 2010

New Blog Pages

Some of my faithful readers have noticed that I have a couple of new pages attached to the blog, as Blogger allows up to ten pages of information in addition to the blog posts themselves. I've started with two of the topics on which I've collected the most information over my time with the AHIS project at the University of Arizona:
  • a chronological listing of Conferences and Workshops, now with a wider geographical and topical scope than I applied during the AHIS project; I don't go to all of these, or very many right now (given my travel budget), but I get notifications regularly from many places and pass the information to all of you for your benefit and use.
  • a geographical listing of NGO/NFP and Professional Organizations, also expanded significantly from my lists compiled during the AHIS project, for you all to find more ways to get connected in water-related activities and issues.
Both of these are now on-line and I have been updating and adding to them on a weekly basis. There are several more pages that I am working on, gathering enough information to make posting them here worthwhile:
  • extensive additions to the list of NGO/NFP and Professional Organizations to include individual countries and states (in the U.S.).
  • a list of professional and technical journals and other regular publications with any connection to hydrology and water resources, near completion and planned for posting soon.
  • a list of government agencies and departments involved in water issues, from the level of international cooperation (e.g. UN organizations and river basin commissions) through continental and national agencies, to regional cooperative and state-level government agencies in the U.S. and local commissions tasked with watershed and conservation planning.
  • a global index of companies and corporations that provide water-related technologies and services.
  • a list of financial institutions that operate at global and regional scales, such as the World Bank and numerous smaller lending institutions and grant foundations, that currently contribute to both the expansion and renewal of water-related infrastructure and the strengthening of societal resilience to water issues worldwide.
Suggestions for items to include in these lists are welcome - just e-mail details and links directly to me.

Finally, one more planned addition stems from a project that I have been working on, slowly, to locate and catalog dams and hydropower projects on the global scale. This could eventually become a big undertaking - it is estimated that there are 50k - 75k dams of various sizes around the world. My present list, based primarily on information available in Wikipedia, is up to about 1250 entries, with geographic locations (all verified with Google Maps) for maybe 80% of those, so I'm currently at about 2% of the global estimated total. With a couple more sources integrated into the list, including one database from the UN FAO AQUASTAT program covering Africa and another from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers covering the USA, I'll have a good number of locations to show. The plan is to present these with a Google Map display, depending on how much JavaScript I'm allowed to work into these blog-connected pages. The goal of this effort is primarily to provide information on existing infrastructure and its phenomenal concentration in many areas of the world, but also to mark projects that are planned and under construction already, a volume of projects that is also surprising. That way, when discussing these projects and regions of intense focus for water resources management, for whatever reasons of planning and financing they are undertaken, you (the reader) have a geographic reference as well...

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