16 November 2010

Vacancies (1 of 2): CSIRO Hydrological Modeller **CLOSING SOON**

This vacancy announcement recently came across my inbox and is closing soon:
CSIRO Land and Water
Surface Water Hydrology Program
Hydrological Modeller
Highett, Victoria, Australia
Closing Date
19 November 2010
The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. This position will be based in the Surface Water Hydrology Program in CSIRO Land and Water (CLW). The Surface Water Hydrology Program is one of nine research programs in CLW. The Program has about 50 hydrologists, many with acknowledged international expertise in hydrological science, hydroclimatology, hydrological modelling, river system modelling and irrigation hydrology. The Program has the largest group of surface water hydrologists in Australia, and in collaboration with partners, it has the critical mass to consistently deliver hydrological science that directly benefits water resources management. The Program has a long record of leading the development of hydrological modelling tools for the Australian water industry, and over the past three years, has led some of the largest and technically challenging water modelling projects in Australia. The Program delivers its research mainly through CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country (WfHC) Flagship. The WfHC Flagship is a large national research flagship that addresses one of Australia’s most pressing natural resource issues – sustainable management of Australia’s water resources. The Flagship works with governments, industries and communities to develop the knowledge needed to substantially improve the way we use and manage water.

CLW is seeking an experienced Hydrological Modeller to work within the Water Forecasting and Prediction Team of the Surface Water Hydrology Program. In this ongoing position you will work closely with personnel from the Bureau of Meteorology and other agencies as well as other groups within CSIRO. The new hire will:
  • contribute to the development of improved methods of forecasting streamflow while translating modelling research into operational tools for use by Bureau forecasters
  • conduct innovative research on statistical modelling, rainfall-runoff modelling, model parameter estimation and calibration as well as coupling of models (e.g. linking rainfall and climate forecasts to flood and streamflow forecasts).
Requirements include:
  • a Ph.D. and/or equivalent experience in science or engineering
  • demonstrated high level experience in statistical, mathematical and numerical modelling for hydrological applications
  • scientific programming skills, especially knowledge of scientific programming languages (e.g. Fortran), visualization and statistics software (e.g. IDL, MATLAB, R) and automation (i.e. scripting).
Additional requirements, a more detailed position descriptions, and instructions for submitting your application are available at CSIRO's Careers site for Reference No. 2010/825. Unlike so many announcements from both private and government employers in the U.S., the Aussies seem to recognize that potential employees want the salary listed right up front and not left ambiguous or wide open to negotiation. I would suggest that this openness certainly helps define expectations on both sides of the initial conversations, and thus allows the employer and scientist to focus on needs and qualifications instead of dancing around the salary issue to see who will mention money first.

Good luck!

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