30 March 2011

MGhydro on Twitter, 20110329 edition

Yesterday (Tuesday, 29 March) seemed to be a really good day for water-related news on Twitter, at least through the many outlets and friends that I follow there.  I had already been thinking of a way to transfer some of that here to the blog, since there is so much great news that passes through Twitter.  Though I do read the things that I pass on to my followers, I can't blog substantively about everything, even just the water-related stuff!  It's just way too much to think about in order to generate individual, substantive blog posts.  I really don't want to ask my readers to follow yet another site on the web by starting a mini-blog outlet like Tumblr or Posterous, or even necessarily a daily collection like Paper.li, in between the full blog (here) and the micro-blog (Twitter).  The web is our tool, we are not it's minions and lackeys, so I really think you should be able to get it all here.  And before you suggest that I add my Twitter feed to the sidebar here, you should know that I tried that, and it's both too inclusive (everything shows up, including stuff not water- or blog-related) and not yet correctly programmed on Blogger (when you click on a tweet, it doesn't open properly in a new browser tab or even it's own page).

So, following Aquadoc's relatively new example with his TGIF ("Tweets Galore - It's Friday!") posts on WaterWired, I'm going to list things appropriate to this blog that I have tweeted, RT'd (re-tweeted, from someone that I follow), MT'd (a modified RT), or HT'd (a "hat-tip" in the parlance, usually sourced from friends, also sometimes "h/t") in the past few days up through the evening of the date in the post title, which I will try to keep consistent in upcoming editions.  Note, this is not a substitute for more substantive blog posts that you've come to expect from me and seem to appreciate more every month - there are still plenty of those in my research and writing queue.  I'd go back to the beginning of my time on Twitter, but that's a few months now, so let's just pick up here with the last four days, and I'll do my very best to keep the coverage consistent (I'd estimate every 2-5 days, depending on activity) and gap-free.  And remember, you can follow me on Twitter to get these in real time, and I welcome contributions by comment, e-mail and @MGhydro!

26 March (Saturday)
27 March (Sunday)
28 March (Monday)
29 March (Tuesday)
So there you have it, the relevant part of four days' activity on Twitter, and that last was kind of an amazing day for water and related news and posts around the interwebs.  Watch for more soon!

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