02 May 2011

Book Review on Scientific American Guest Blog!

With many thanks to a diverse group of new friends and colleagues on Twitter, I've just had a book review published on the Scientific American Guest Blog!  Today was "Ducky Day" for several of us, centered on the recent release Moby Duck by Donovan Hohn.  One reviewed that book itself, one interviewed the author, and another provided a detailed and informative overview of the science and history of the tub-toy spill that led to Mr. Hohn's writing.  My own review was provided on background to these, an overview of Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer's Flotsametrics and the Floating World, published in 2009.  Dr. Ebbesmeyer was the oceanographer who, with much collaborative help, originally outlined and described the two surface current gyres in the North Pacific Ocean that carried the tub-toy spill, among other items of significant historical interest, to the shores on which they were found.  It was Dr. Ebbesmeyer's work that provided the science on which Mr. Hohn's narrative is centered.

Ducky Day entries on the SA Guest Blog:
  1. Slabs, Sneakers, Gyres and the Grotesque by Matthew Garcia (@MGhydro)
  2. Overboard: 28,000 toys and one man, lost at sea By Lindsey Hoshaw (@thegarbagegirl)
  3. A True Duck Hunt: interview with Donovan Hohn By David Manly (@davidmanly)
  4. How does a floating plastic duckie end up where it does? By Eric Heupel (@eclecticechoes)
Happy reading!

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