09 June 2011

MGhydro on Twitter, 20110609 edition

Continued from the previous edition, these are items appropriate to this blog that I have tweeted, RT'd, MT'd, or HT'd in the past few days up through the evening of the date in the post title.  You can follow me on Twitter to get these in real time, and I welcome contributions by comment, e-mail and @MGhydro!

8 June (Wednesday)
9 June (Thursday)
  •  "...completely impossible, egghead stuff..." MT : NSF concludes "Science is Hard"
  • Call for Abstracts now open for AGU Fall Meeting, 5-9 December 2011, San Francisco CA --  
  • MT : Bangladesh developing constitutional amendment to redress in-country damages due to climate change
    • What we *need* is an *international* body to attribute + help redress country-to-country damages due to climate change, like UNFCCC + ICC...
    • Instead of voluntary UNFCCC agreements + funds + mechanisms, simple + massive civil penalties might finally get attention of GHG emitters?
    • In-country $$ for damages due to climate change is a welfare sol'n, but international redress is true compensation by haves to have-nots...
  • Excellent Storify collection by the CBC about massive recent Australian summer flooding h/t
  • Water-ag nexus just part of complex system MT : UN FAO: Climate change will cut water for farmers: Straits Times  
  • MT : Rocket software issue fixed--Aquarius/SAC-D launch set for Friday 10:20am EDT  
  • Working up blog re AZ forest health from proposal materials... MT : Landsat IR img, Wallow Fire, Arizona
  • RT : UPDATE: June 9 2p CST: One bay closes at Morganza Floodway, one remains open.
  • Bc they haven't asked. RT : Colorado River experts are concerned about lack of obvious leaders to promote a basin-wide vision.
    • Colorado River "experts" don't really *want* a vision leader, because it would mean subjugating their individual visions to larger goals...
    • Along Colorado River, there are 7 states + 16 Fed agencies + innumerable municipalities, politicians, and personalities vying for prominence
    • ...not to mention Colorado River Compact, Treaty w Mexico, and a TON of science to be re-evaluated, with State Univ's wanting research $...
    • ...and no matter the scientific outcomes of renewed examination of the Colorado River Basin, it all returns to politics of money and power.
    • I have wanted for years to model and simulate the Colorado River Basin from top-to-bottom, but no-one wants a model telling them what to do.
    • I have the background, the education, the skills, the interest, and the time to do it all...I just need someone to put up the $$ in support.
    • I propose to examine past/present/future of the *entire* Colorado R Basin w physical modeling approach, need institution + $$. Any takers?
  • MT : Colorado River shortages will fall unevenly on different states, leading to political instability  
  • RT : John Fleck (): there is no general agreement among Colo River stakeholders on the problem that we need to be solving. 
  • to I thought you might find this interesting:
    • thanks, yes--have seen USBR ideas, they are still part of the problem: responsibility only for Lower Basin, ignorance of Upper Basin.
    • to - As per Law of the River, Reclamation oversees the Lower Basin and the Upper Colorado River Commission oversees the Upper Basin.
    • yes, and yet another asymmetry to overcome...keep sending things you think of, will be glad to acknowledge help when I blog it soon!
  • RT : Drought, Mississippi River flooding reduce rice and cotton crops. A human as well as economic toll:
  • RT : USA - Dwindling of Colorado River linked to climate change, energy production  
  • RT : Working in emerging regions? U of OK WaTER Center Conference, 24-25 October. Abstracts due 15 June.  
  • Hmmm... MT : Thousand-Year Precipitation Record for Rockies Shows Unusual Snowpack Declines: ClimateWire  
  • Same study, a little more on-the-nose... RT : Rockies snow decline bad sign for water supply: Reuters  
  • Dr. Jon Blom speaking NOW! RT public talk on impact of climate change on past civilizations  
  • Holy cow! Total cost for BC Hydro's Site C up from $3.2B to $7.9B in 5 years! h/t
  • Relevant til law changes MT : Alive but Irrelevant: Prior Appropriation Doctrine in Today’s Western Water Law

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