21 June 2011

MGhydro on Twitter, 20110621 edition

Continued from the previous edition, these are items appropriate to this blog that I have tweeted, RT'd, MT'd, or HT'd in the past few days up through the evening of the date in the post title.  You can follow me on Twitter to get these in real time, and I welcome contributions by comment, e-mail and @MGhydro

18 June (Saturday)
19 June (Sunday)
20 June (Monday)
  • "Energy and Water: Efficiency, Generation, Management, and Climate Impacts," 31 July - 3 Aug 2011, Chicago IL --  
  • SOLVE? I am so useless now... RT successfully uses virtual crowdsourcing to help solve world water crisis  
  • "Russia's EuroSibEnergo, Chinese co-sign cooperation agreement" including 2 hydropower dams in Siberia via  
  • MT Miss. River levee repairs may cost $1B. Should flood mgmt practices be addressed by citizens first?  
  • MT : Floods displace hundreds in SE Saskatchewan. More rain on way. Wettest May-June on record
  • MT : $12M Inter-American Development Bank loan granted to improve water supply in Guyana
  • MT : I'll say! Via water districts scramble as MWD puts 225K AF on sale for $409/AF. That's cheap!
    • From "The Big Thirst" -- 1 AF = 325,851 gal; avg $ for 1 AF to a US family ~$1056, a Las Vegas family ~$883, an Imperial Valley farmer ~$19.
    • Cost to US taxpayers for Las Vegas water supply reasonably incl. partial function of Hoover Dam, $49M in 1931, $3.76B by GDP inflation today
    • But the investment in Hoover Dam has paid for itself several times over the 80 yrs since then with power sales (anyone know exact stats?)
    • Cost to US taxpayers for Imperial Valley water supply reasonably incl. part function of Alamo, Coachella, All-American Canals + Imperial Dam
    • Financials on these projects, most of them originally part of the Boulder Canyon Project (which auth'd Hoover Dam) are far more complicated.
    • And given current effort at lining All-American Canal, costs continue to accrue...
    • Let's just say for now that those costs have been repaid (not likely), so consider benefits to economy as per "The Big Thirst" discussion...
    • Imperial Valley receives ~1.6M AF and generates ~$1.5B in economic activity per year, almost all as wages and food value...
    • Las Vegas receives ~280,000 AF of water per year (net after credits) and generates ~$8.8B in economic activity, almost all as wages alone...
    • Las Vegas tourism has an economic impact per gallon of water ~24x that of Imperial Valley farming, but where would we be without that food?
  • RT : sensationalistic post missing lots of context. Grr MT : More Dangerous Than Nuclear: Floods Caused by Aging Dams
  • Many farm fish to survive, US just for "sport" MT : Enviro impact research urged for fish farming: SciDev.Net
  • Flawed argument in aggregate equiv. to big dams... RT : SciDevNet: Small hydro could add up to big damage
21 June (Tuesday)

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