25 June 2011

MGhydro on Twitter, 20110625 edition

Continued from the previous edition, these are items appropriate to this blog that I have tweeted, RT'd, MT'd, or HT'd in the past few days up through the evening of the date in the post title.  You can follow me on Twitter to get these in real time, and I welcome contributions by comment, e-mail and @MGhydro

22 June (Wednesday) 
23 June (Thursday) 
24 June (Friday) 
25 June (Saturday) 
  • I really like reading Brian Fagan ("Elixir" with review coming soon) and realized why this week-- (1/3)
  • he writes like your favorite friendly prof in a grad seminar, as if telling you what he's done on his own expeditions... (2/3)
  • and he makes me look stuff up in his older books to understand it better and make sure I get it right. (3/3)
  • ? Fletcher et al. 2008, Antiquity, v.82 no.317 pp.658–670 "The water management network of Angkor, Cambodia"  

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