15 July 2011

MGhydro on Twitter, 20110715 edition

Continued from the previous edition, these are items appropriate to this blog that I have tweeted, RT'd, MT'd, or HT'd in the past few days up through the evening of the date in the post title.  You can follow me on Twitter to get these in real time, and I welcome contributions by comment, e-mail and @MGhydro

11 July (Monday)
12 July (Tuesday)
  • Water as a weapon, Great Man-Made River may grind to halt RT : Libya Warns Rebel-Held East Of Water Shortages
  • Lots of support for anthropological evidence! MT Ethiopian Lake Tana reveals 17ka of African climate  
  • And yet so few of the people live near it... MT : Australia has >100x renewable water per capita than driest countries of the world.
13 July (Wednesday)
14 July (Thursday)
15 July (Friday)

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