21 July 2011

Seametrics Top 25 Water Conservation Blogs

I am proud to announce that, along with the blogs of numerous friends and colleagues, my own Hydro-Logic has been named one of Seametrics.com's "Top 25 Water Conservation Blogs."  The full list of their selections includes some that I also follow closely, including:
There are many others that I haven't listed here but that I do follow on occasion.  I must admit that a lot of my following has become Twitter-centric in the past few months, something that I plan to change a bit in order to regain my blogging cred here.  As part of that, I think I'll put together an information page on fellow blogs/bloggers, and not limited to the US.  This may or may not replace the blogroll that I have at left, if you use that regularly.

I'd like to hear from readers what you think on keeping the blogroll, replacing it, adding a page of pointers to other blogs, and any suggestions for blogs to include on that new list (US and elsewhere, without discrimination).

And again, thanks for Seametrics.com for the recognition!

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