27 August 2012

Bonus Monday Infographics: A Hurricane in New Orleans

Following on last night's post, and with Tropical Storm Isaac still on a forecast track that brings it across New Orleans in the next 36 - 48 hours, I wanted to post another infographic from that great series from 2002 in The Times-Picayune regarding hurricane preparations and defenses in New Orleans and coastal Louisiana. As I mentioned last night, in 1998 Hurricane Georges was on a similar forecast track when it veered shortly before making landfall, heading toward the Mississippi coast instead of directly over the Louisiana coastal wetlands. The reporters and contributors for the "Washing Away" series considered what might have happened in New Orleans had Hurricane Georges made that direct hit on the city. I have reproduced here a portion of the massive infographic published on 23 June 2002 that was the justifiable centerpiece for that series in The Times-Picayune; the left side of the original graphic included information on Hurricane Betsy, which also passed near the city in 1965 and prompted much of the hurricane preparations now in place around New Orleans, and the right side included a great deal of information on why the city and its surroundings had become so vulnerable to hurricanes by that time. You can also download the full jpg graphic (1.3 MB) or a pdf version (24 MB) from the archived copy of the "Washing Away" series at Nola.com.

This graphic via Nola.com, originally published on 23 June 2002 in The [New Orleans] Times-Picayune.

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