28 August 2012

Special Infographics: NOLA Hurricane Protection

Following on the two infographics posted yesterday (here and here), and seeing that Tropical Storm Isaac is still forecast to strengthen to hurricane status (NOTE: Isaac was upgraded to hurricane status just as I posted this) and is still aimed at New Orleans LA, I wanted to post one more graphic regarding the current status of hurricane protections around the city. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the federal government authorized $14.6B in US Army Corps of Engineers repairs and upgrades to levees, seawalls, bridges, locks and flood gates, and pump stations throughout the New Orleans area. TS/Hurricane Isaac does not quite promise the same level of destructive power as Katrina showed, but Isaac is forecast to pass over New Orleans rather slowly. While wind damage and any surge against levees along the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Ponchartrain are likely to remain smaller, and the city even better protected from them, the rainfall amounts within the city's "bowl" may still bring localized flooding away from the protection of levees.

The graphic that I've reproduced below was published yesterday (27 August 2012) in The [New Orleans] Times-Picayune. The graphic is very large and is not legible in a standard screen size here, so you'll need to right-click (depending on your computer) and choose "View Image" (depending on your browser) to see it full-sized. You can also download the original (pdf format) from Nola.com.

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