24 September 2012

Monday Infographics: Off the Grid?

In dubious honor of the US House of Representatives, on the occasion of our congresspeople leaving for their campaign and election season autumn recess before passing the 2012 Farm Bill, I've selected this infographic on what it might take for a family of 4 to go "off the grid" and live self-sufficiently. The graphic includes solar generation of electricity (note the small fraction of a rooftop it would take) and the land required to grow veggies and fruits, to raise goats for dairy, and to raise chickens and pigs for meat (if you're still omnivorous, like most of us in the US). The graphic does not include the amount of water required to grow those crops (which varies by location) and tend to those animals, as well as providing for our own daily needs.

This graphic gives some idea of the food "footprint" that supports each of us: about a half-acre (~22k square feet) per person, plus corn (if not bought elsewhere, as noted in the graphic), plus water, plus shelter (with solar panels on the roof), plus what I am sure is a lot of hard work. Much of that work and cost is done by farmers, who provide far more to the economy and our well-being than we recognize.

From Renew Resources Ltd. for 1 Block Off The Grid

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Green Apple Energy USA said...

Great infographic, loved it. I love how critically they caught every point.

-Sharone Tal
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