31 October 2013

Oct 2013 List of Reports on Water and Related Issues

This continues my quasi-regular updates on the never-ending stream of released reports on water and related issues that I come across through e-mail, twitter, and any number of outlets. You can check out the previous list, posted at the beginning of October, as well as prior lists for even more informative reading. If you know of a report that I have not listed, please e-mail me with a title and link!

Note that the US Federal Government was shut down because of budget squabbles for a little over two weeks at the beginning of this month, so there weren't many CRS or GAO reports to speak of...

From numerous and varied sources:
From Chatham House:
From the UN Food and Agriculture Organization:
From the World Bank:
From the Asian Development Bank:
From the Inter-American Development Bank:
From the US National Research Council:
From the US Geological Survey
From the US Congressional Research Service, via the Federation of American Scientists:

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