06 November 2013

The Journal of Blah...

As some of my readers here may already know, I also have a Tumblr called "The Journal of Blah..." Why the name? It's short for "The Journal of Blah Blah Blah" which is intended to cover many fields that are, for me, linked in some way through the course of my education and experience and research. As I describe it there:
...it's a shorter title than "A personalized journal of select articles on hydrology, water resources, climate, weather, ecology, geology, forests, mountains, resource governance, anthropology, fluvial systems, geomorphology, open-channel hydraulics, groundwater, civil engineering, mapping, remote sensing, complex systems, information networks, general Earth system science, and so many other subjects that pique my interest."
There may be a few subjects that I missed, but at the same time I draw from publications in a large number of journals, for most of which I see regular TOC updates by email. My posts there are comprised solely of an article's title, bibliographic reference, and published abstract. I try to dedicate at least one day per week to Open Access articles that come across my attention. I do not post articles that are in Discussion journals or have just entered the accepted stage, but I do post articles in final form that are appearing online in advance of print. With each post there, the title and URL are also announced through my twitter feed.

I'm mentioning this today because I have linked to my Tumblr in the sidebar but I don't think that I've mentioned it by name to you, my dear blog readers. That outlet is purely journal-oriented, one post per abstract, with relatively short posts and often several within a day, and I didn't want to clog up the post archive here with those items. If I delve into a paper and attempt to provide a summary or commentary on the research, perhaps linking several papers on a similar topic, I would do that here and not on the Tumblr.

I'm also mentioning this because, just today, I posted my 1000th entry on The Journal of Blah...


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