30 June 2013

Jun 2013 List of Reports on Water and Related Issues

With my apologies to readers and faithful followers for such a long time since my last posted list, this continues my quasi-regular updates on the never-ending stream of released reports on water and related issues that I come across through e-mail, twitter, and any number of outlets. You can check out the previous list, posted in mid-February, as well as prior lists for even more informative reading. If you know of a report that I have not listed, please e-mail me with a title and link!

From numerous and varied sources:
From the California State Water Resources Control Board:
From the US Federal Emergency Management Agency:
From the US National Integrated Drought Information System:
From the Wheeler Institute for Water Law and Policy at the University of California - Berkeley:
From the Center for American Progress
From the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century:
From Canada's Blue Economy Initiative:
From the Earth System Governance Project:
From UN - Water:
From the World Bank:
From the African Institute for Development Policy and Population Action International:
From the Asian Development Bank:
From the UK Department for International Development:
From the US Agency for International Development:
From the US National Research Council:
From the US Geological Survey
From the US Government Accounting Office:
From the US Congressional Research Service, via the Federation of American Scientists: