09 March 2016


My friend @Dr24Hours took up a fun challenge earlier this morning and tagged me to carry on the challenge: name 5 fictional characters from TV or movies that I would want to come to my aid in a bad situation. While I agree with at least one of his choices (*ahem* Evelyn Salt *ahem*) I didn't want too much to repeat, but then I don't watch much TV (mostly movies in my spare time) and some of my own may be obvious choices while I also have a penchant for movies in which awesome women kick ass. So here's my overall list:

  1. Special Agent Dr. Dana Scully: because it's Scully. Hey Scully. How you doin'?
  2. Tony Stark / IronMan: billionaire genius playboy philanthropist. Can I borrow that centurion armor battle suit?
  3. Sgt. Rita Vrataski: a.k.a. "Full-Metal Bitch."
  4. Jack Bauer: bring the JackSack, you never know what we'll need that you keep stashed in there.
  5. Jason Bourne: obvious reasons.
And then there's my kick-ass all-women list:
  1. Ilsa Faust: the bright future of "Mission: Impossible."
  2. Chloe O'Brian: Jack's best partner.
  3. Renee Walker: Jack's other best partner.
  4. Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow: obvious reasons.
  5. Hermione Granger: the finest witch of our age.
Hmmmm... who to tag to carry it on? How about @katiesci, @LaSaks87, @seelix, @scicurious, and @drskyskull next!

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Sam_Vikrant said...

Hi there - what an entertaining read! However, you've forgotten some of the most powerful women in the history of fictional characters. What about Merida from Brave - our not - so - fragile - disney queen. I love her. And I don't know if you watch GaME Of Thrones but Arya Stark and Daneryes Targaryen are probably good options too!